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Dance on Bones going to Tashkent, Uzbekistan

March 30, 2014

 ImageIt’s an honor to get to share Dance On Bones with the Festival of American Culture at the Ilkhom Theater of Mark Weil in Tashket, Uzbekistan which runs from April 24th – May 11th.   Three new American plays are part of the festival:  Dance On Bones, Mark Chrisler‘s “Worse than Tigers” andCaridad Svichs “Archipelago.”


Dance On Bones paints a picture of a world very like our own, in which sea levels are rising, trees are being ravaged, and jazz may be the only thing that can save the world. Dance On Bones is is inspired by and structured around jazz music and riffs off of the folklore of the jazz scenes in St. Petersburg, Russia and New Orleans, Louisiana; creation myths; the folklore of flooding cities; and current environmental circumstances washing away our shores.  Dance on Bones has the ability to be shuffled into hundreds of different variations, pushing the artists to improvise and audiences to make new connections with each presentation.

Research into Dance On Bones included a Cultural Fellowship in St. Petersburg, Russia, supported by the Likhachev Foundation, funded by The Foundation of the First President of Russia Boris N. Yeltsin and the Committee of External Relations of St. Petersburg.

Since that time, I have continued developing Dance On Bones with Generous Company and at the Towson Theatre Lab in the Department of Theatre Arts at Towson University. 

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