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April 17, 2013

Dzhaz (another possible title?).  According to the research I’ve done and what I’ve been told, one can experience jazz from many different eras in St. Petersburg (Piter).  The protagonist of our story encounters each of the diverse types of jazz and the era of that particular jazz becomes a reality.  In each different era, (s)he confronts the different realities of jazz (how it is seen by the public, how it is viewed by the political, how it is represented in the culture), of Russian culture in Leningrad and St. Petersburg, and of her(his) own personal conflicts that prompted the sudden trip abroad.

Need to find as many different eras of Jazz as possible in Piter 2013.

Need to talk to people from many different eras of Jazz as possible.

Need to pinpoint the historical alignments of styles of jazz and significant events (get book on history of Piter).

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