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The Five

April 4, 2013

There areham_1882_book_243x317-1 five main soliloquies delivered by the melancholy dane in Hamlet, you know, the play by Wm. Shakespeare.  I’m intrigued by this.

The television show Slings and Arrows posits that Hamlet is really only these five monologues and the in-between stuff is filler.

So…I have taken and cut the five monologues out and pasted them together.  Approximately 190 lines of text later, there they are standing side by side and ready to speak.  A vision is beginning to form out of these words, these ideas.  I don’t know what it is yet, but for now I will call it The Five.

Now I’ve just got to find someone to give them a read through and see what starts to click.  It’s a daunting task to think of adding to Hamlet, but there’s something here.  Perhaps it needs nothing.  I just need to hear it.


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